What is the minimum order?

Minimum per order is 500 pieces.

What is the size of the cookie?

Size of cookie is 5cm x 5cm x 4cm (without wrapper).

Are the cookies individually wrapped?

Yes. Cookies are all individually wrapped in plain silver foil.

How long will the cookies last? What is the expiry/shelf life?

All cookies are freshly produce upon order and individually wrapped to seal their freshness. It can last for minimum 9 months up to a year.

What cookie flavor is available?

Only the original butter flavor is available.

Are the cookies Halal certified?

Yes. Cookies are with Halal Certification.

Where does the cookies come from?

Cookies are origin from Malaysia.


Is transparent/clear wrapper available?

Transparent/clear wrapper is no longer in production.

What are the wrappers available?

Only plain silver foil wrapper is available.

Can we customize own wrapper?

Yes. For significantly larger orders we are capable of customizing the wrapper, contact us for information on pricing and setup fees.

Can we still have our own branding if we have only the minimum order?

Yes. You can choose to have sticker labels to be paste on the wrapper. Contact us for information on pricing and setup fees.


How many messages variety can I have for customize message?

You can have up to 60 different messages per template. All messages will be mixed randomly into required number of cookies.

What is the words limitation for customize message?

By using Arial font at size 8, you can have 22 characters including spacing for each line, up to 3 lines (exclude logo).

Are we able to include logo/picture in the message slip?

Yes. You can include company’s logo/picture in the message slip with the different messages or have it printed by itself.

Can we choose the font and size?

Yes. You can have different font and size if we have the font type. However, if you have your own unique font, you can forward either the Open Type Font File or True Type Font File for us to customize the messages with your own font type.

Are we able to have different colors for the message slip & text?

Only white paper and black ink is available as food graded paper and ink are required.

What are generic messages?

Generic messages are standard messages (blessings, well wishes) available from the factory.

Can we choose messages from the generic ones?

No. Messages from generic cookies are ready made, by choosing or amending messages out of it will be consider as customizing.

Are we able to print the message slip on our own?

It is not possible to print the message slip on one’s own as food graded paper and ink are required.

What if someone accidentally eat the message slip?

Food graded paper and ink are used for the message slip, therefore, it would be safe if someone accidentally eat.

What is the size for the message slip?

Size per message slip is 5.5cm x 1cm.

How can we differentiate/separate the message?

We would require different templates to separate the messages. Additional charges would apply.


Is weekend delivery available?

Yes. Arrangement can be made for weekend delivery upon request.

Are we able to self-collect the cookies?

Due to customs regulations, only authorized shipping company are allowed to collect the cookies.

Can we receive the cookies by required date?

Yes. We liaise with customers on the date they required but a minimum 14 days of lead time is needed after confirmation of artwork.

How is the cookies being packed?

Cookies are packed in 500 pieces per carton.

What is the size of one carton?

Size of carton is 45 x 36 x 38 cm.

Payment Terms

What are the payment terms?

Payment would be either cash or cheque upon delivery. Credit terms is subjected to approval.